Chiropractor Doug Willen D.C.


"A chiropractor saved me from being "benched" from sports in high school by taking a "hopeless" injury and turning it around. That was my introduction into the power of natural solutions for health. When my family medical doctor could only offer me pain killers and restrictions in reaction to my injury, a local chiropractor offered me solutions! That made a lasting impression on me that ultimately affected my career path. I was a pre-med student at Cornell University when I made a conscious decision to explore alternatives in personal growth and in healthcare, instead of moving forward into conventional medical education. My experience with a chiropractor in high school was one factor in my decision. Another was my long struggle with allergies and my growing disillusionment with the heavy pharmaceutical emphasis of the medical/allopathic model of disease treatment. I worked with alternative practitioners who employed thoughtful investigation into the cause of my allergies, rather than simply treating the symptoms, and helped me with natural solutions in a way that years of shots and drugs could do."

- Dr. Doug