New Chiropractic Patient

30min  |  $350 with Dr. Doug Willen

On Your initial visit one of two doctors will listen to your concerns and have you  describe your symptoms. We will do a complete chiropractic Evaluation... [Learn More]

Follow-up Chiropractic Treatment

15min  |  $125 Credit Card
               $115 Cash
                with Dr. Doug Willen

You have already had you initial office Exam and Treatment. You may need to get a few treatments to turn back the clock to a time when your body was pain free and fully...

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New Patient: Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

30min  |  $350 (includes full body chiro treatment)

Follow-up Cranial Facial Release (CFR)

20 min | $300 (includes full body chiro treatment)

CRANIAL FACIAL RELEASE'S primary objective is to mobilize the cranial bones, and open the breathing passageways. This often times improves symptoms related to various neurological & structural disorders.

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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

1 hr  |  $150

Josh and Igor have been on staff for years. Originally they were hired to specifically work on the elite level dancers and ballerinas that come thru our office; but now they are open to work with...

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