Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Doug has a way of sending caring energy into the body with his hands. He has helped me through one of the toughest times in my career as a ballerina post surgery. He kept me aligned and my muscles feeling free and energized."

Principal Dancer/ABT

Photo by Erin Baiano

"Dr. Doug Willen not only maintains my body alignment to prevent injuries, he also helps me through emergency situations before shows. Thanks to him, I was able to do my performances. He has been my favorite body specialist for many years and I rely on him with all my pains.

Thank you doctor for your amazing talent and for being a great person."

Principal Dancer/ABT

Photo by Rosalie O'Connor, courtesy of American Ballet Theatre.

"I have been seeing Dr. Doug Willen for a few years now, and after every appointment, I walk out the door feeling so much better than when I walked in. My job as a ballerina requires that I push my body to be as strong and as graceful as possible everyday. I always trust Dr. Doug to realign my body when it gets a little off-kilter, and his skills as a chiropractor are greatly appreciated by many of the greatest dancers in Midtown City."

Principal Dancer/ABT

"Dr. Doug is an exceptional chiropractor. He has extraordinary sensitivity to the physical stress points of a dancer and my mind, body and spirit feel lifted after his therapy."

Principal Dancer/ABT

"Dr. Doug is simply the best chiropractor I have ever worked with. When I was dancing, he saved my back and hips many times over, and now he is saving the backs and hips of many of the dancers at American Ballet Theatre. Everybody is thrilled to have found him. He is truly a miracle worker!"

Former principal dancer of American ballet Theatre 1980-2002 Current Dean of Dance, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

"I have been working with Dr. Doug for several years now and he has helped to keep me feeling good and healthy. As a director/choreographer, I am very active and do quite a bit of traveling. The first thing I do after returning from any trip is set up an appointment with Dr. Doug. I know our time together will leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. He always takes his time while you are on his table and makes you feel relaxed while taking care of all of your needs. Thank you Dr. Doug for helping me maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle."

Associate Director for Disney's Newsies on Broadway and the Associate Director/Choreographer for Here Lies Love at the Public Theatre. His other Broadway credits include the revival of Jekyll and Hyde (Associate Director/Choreographer) and Il Divo: A Musical Affair (Assistant Director).

"Working with Dr. Doug has been amazing. I've been to many chiropractors in the city and none gave me the level of care and attention that he does. As a dancer, (Rockettes) it’s wonderful to have someone who specializes in working with dancers and understands our bodies and the demands of our careers. He goes above and beyond to take care of me and his treatments have made an immense difference. I'm so lucky to have someone who is so dedicated!"


"As a professional dancer, alignment is essential. I grew up going to the chiropractor and knew the benefits but had fallen out of the habit of going when I moved on my own to NY. I felt as though I needed to go again as my career progressed and my body took more of a beating. My coworkers (ballerinas at American Ballet Theater) recommended Dr. Doug and I knew from the first visit that he was the doctor for me. Not only does he have a positive, upbeat personality but he also listens to what your body needs specifically. I feel like I can move and perform better, with less injury now that I see him on a regular basis."


"I have been a professional ballet dancer, and I am currently a soloist, with American Ballet Theater for 12 years. With intense ballet and weight training in my career, my lower back started to give me trouble as well as my neck. I noticed it most with grand allegro and partnering. Then I learned that many of the elite level ballet dancers already go to Dr. Doug.

Dr. Doug's knowledge and experience has been more than beneficial. He really knows the dancers body. One adjustment a week helped my alignment, alleviated my muscles of pain and stiffness, and got me back in class pain free. As an athlete I highly recommend Dr. Doug. Start your journey to a pain free life."


"As a professional dancer with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, I always to go Dr. Doug Willen with complete trust and respect. I can easily consider him to be one of the most professional, easy-going, and honest people I have ever worked with in the chiropractic and wellness industry. Dr. Doug Willen is the person I recommend to friends or colleagues knowing they are going into good hands."

Complexions Dance Company

"As a professional dancer, skilled chiropractic care is the difference between a painful day and a pain free day. When I moved to NYC, it took a year to find the best chiropractor to fit my needs. With my 18 years experience with chiropractic care, Dr Doug is one of the best in his field. He knows dancers and knows how to treat their specific needs. He also tailors his busy schedule to help me and is understanding of my own hectic rehearsal/performance schedule. Doing up to 18 shows in a week can be difficult but Dr Doug has always been able to fit me in and keep me feeling great for every show. I trust Doug with my well being 100 percent!"


"I’ve been working with Dr. Doug for many years. He is someone that has worked very closely with me thru many ballet seasons. I will sometimes come into his office several times per week during the season. His knowledge of ballet and the dancer’s body, makes him the perfect person to bring my specific injuries, and daily aches and pains to. When the visiting ballerinas arrive from Russia, they ask me who I use in NYC. I always send them to Dr. Doug. All of the top ballerinas in the world go to him. That’s my answer. I can speak the language of dance to him, and he understands perfectly. He doesn’t simply just crack the back, he figures out what’s wrong and works on the dancer’s body, one muscle and ligament at a time. Bravo!"

Principal Dancer/ABT

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia (Kirov Ballet)

"Doug Willen has realigned my displaced bones, nurtured over taxed muscles and been a joyful friend for years. He understands passion for extreme exertion and propensity for ignoring pain and knows how to coax the body back to healthy wholeness."

Founder of The Equus Projects

Faculty at Fordham/Ailey BFA Program – 1997-2015

Faculty, The Juilliard School – 2003-2013

"I have never been to a chiropractor that goes above and beyond like Dr. Doug Willen does. He genuinely cares about making your body feel the best it can possibly feel. He understands the demands of a dancers body and has helped me stay injury free at a time when my body has demanded the most of me. Thank you Dr. Doug Willen!"


"As a Crossfit athlete I am constantly putting strain on my lower back. I see Dr. Doug regularly for adjustments which allows me to continue training while staying pain free.”

Crossfit Competitor

"As a professional dancer, our bodies are constantly being pushed to their limits. Dr. Doug has an in-depth knowledge not only of the physiological needs of the body, but a sensitive awareness to the dancer's body in particular. I always feel I am in a safe and trustworthy environment to share what is bothering me, and Dr. Doug finds amazing ways to get me back in my best form for the stage. He takes into account all facets of life - such as diet and current stress levels - and works to find a solution for the immediate and long term.His bright spirit and calm energy are a welcome sight, and I always look forward to my visits at his office. Dr. Doug is a blessing to the community and to me, and he's always the first I refer to when dancers need care."

Professional freelance dancer in NYC (previously Kansas City Ballet)

"I have been working professionally in Midtown City since 2004 as a dancer, singer, actor, gymnast, martial artist, musician and magician. I’ve been on stages in NYC, all over the country and Tokyo, Japan. I definitely put my body through a lot of stressful and intense situations. It’s just a part of the job. The only way I’ve been able to make it thru rehearsals, performances, physical and mental stress, is making sure I take care of myself by monitoring what I put in my body and how my body feels. Being treated by Dr. Doug has saved me from some of the most uncomfortable and painful situations in my career, too many to count. I see him twice a month, though some times, depending on what I’m working on, twice in 3 days. He understands what specific obstacles I’m dealing with in my career and how it’s variety and vastness requires me to keep it tuned up and “ready n’ able”. Whenever I have to go away on a gig for a long period of time, I make sure I see him right before I go and as soon as I come back. My success is shared with this guy who helps heal me. I rely on him and he never lets me down. Thank you Dr. Doug!”

(Series regular in The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, U.S. Premiere of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1st national tours of Anything Goes, Xanadu and 42nd Street, original cast and recording for Irving Berlin’s White Christmas)

"Being a ballerina, my body is my instrument. Dr. Doug has helped me every single time that my body needed to be fixed before dancing. He also has helped me recover from injuries much faster and become strong again. Through my own experience, I would say he has the hands of a healing angel. "


"Whether it has been pain in my joints or just minor discomforts, Dr. Doug always helps to improve how I am feeling. Not only does he do that but he truly cares about me as a person, dancer, and athlete. Dr. Doug does all that he can to educate me about properly taking care of my body, remaining healthy, and avoiding injury. Also, he is genuinely nice - and funny."


"When I lived in Midtown City, Dr. Doug was my "go to man" for years.Getting electrocuted, then cracked does not sound like fun for most people, but those were the days I looked forward to the most.
Each appointment, I would enter somewhat battered, and leave feeling renewed. And to top it off, he has an infectious, beaming smile, that I would inevitably contract during each and every visit. He is a natural healer, and I so miss being electrocuted and cracked by the best, Dr. Doug!"

Dancer, Singer, Yoga Teacher and Clown

"My deepest thanks to Dr. Doug for keeping my body healthy and strong. His expertise in chiropractic work are apparent because of the true passion and love he has for his craft. Dr. Doug's knowledge of the body and nutrition is impressive and a combination I feel is so important. I also appreciate the time and care he takes with each visit. As a dancer who has suffered from back and neck injuries I can attest that with Dr. Doug's help I was able to recover more quickly and continue performing."

Dancer/Paul Taylor Dance Company

"I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Willen! As a professional ballet dancer with scoliosis and two herniated discs, it sometimes feels impossible to do my job. Thanks to Dr. Willen, I cannot only execute my work, I can excel in it! His therapy allows me push my body to its limits and grow as an artist. He never lets me leave his office until he knows for certain that he has improved or eliminated my issues. He is a truly knowledgeable, dedicated and generous chiropractor!"

Ballerina/ ABT

"Dr. Doug is one-of-a-kind. He leaves me feeling ten feet tall after every appointment and always has time for me. He goes above and beyond any dancer’s expectations of a chiropractor."

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

"Racing high performance gliders made only of fabric and string I need to be strong, loose and alive. Dougie is an important part of my preparation."

Paragliding World Cup Pilot

"I first went to Dr Willen’s office because of a hip injury. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t walk without limping. Sport is my passion, I use to do pole dance, yoga or contortion trainings on a daily basis. However, with that injury, it was impossible to do anything.

So, when I met Dr Willen, after several months of pain and consultations I was looking for a SAVER! Really! Somebody who could understand my body and release this pain.

At my first consultation, he told me he could help. After few sessions, the pain decreased, then disappeared completely afterwards. I decided to continue the sessions when I got back to the trainings as a prevention.

It was a real victory for me to be able to back bend and work on my splits as I used to do. Do not hesitate to cross Dr Willen’s door, you will have a professional chiropractor with a big heart. He will heal your body and guide you along your recovery journey.

His assistant is very nice too and always helpful to set up appointments."

- Nancy Ndzei
Paris, France