Quantum Paleo

Quantum Paleo

By Dr. Doug Willen

Finalist of the 2012 Indie Book Awards

Customer Reviews

--"It contains guidelines, goals and rules while reading nothing like an instruction manual. Dr. Doug's humor and candor make this book fun, entertaining and enlightening all at the same time."--

--"QUANTUM PALEO goes beyond a simple diet book. He goes to the root of why diets don't work: you need to ask yourself some deep questions first, to lay the groundwork for your success. I believe Doug's book succeeds in this. Buy this book!"--

--"It truly inspired me to take my health seriously. If I take just one thing away from this book, it's that my health and how I treat my body is my responsibility and it's worth fighting for."--

--"Quantum Paleo has really inspired me..... I have been a believer in Dr. Doug's handling of my health issues in the past and he has truly been a blessing. I do not like to read books at all but felt compelled to get Quantum Paleo just because I knew Dr. Doug. Wow! I gave up reading all my culinary magazines at night and would read a chapter a night and was so amused by his writing which, knowing him personally, made me laugh and put a smile on my face. Am I ready to start the diet? You bet! Dr. Willen's humor definitely makes me want to follow the rules (funny as some are!) I would definitely recommend this book if anyone has a hard time following diets!"--

--"This book is awesome! I've have spent 10+ years bodybuilding and have always struggled with getting my body fat percentage low enough to see good definition. When I started paleo according to Dr. Willen's recommendations, I was 12% BF, within a month I had cut down to 8% and after another month I was about to 5-6%. Previously, I would have had to go through a horrible "cutting" phase to lean up. Anyone who has cut before know how terrible of an experience this can be. Following Dr. Willen's advice, I actually enjoyed the process of getting that lean. To be clear, I was cutting my calories and eating paleo which made it happen faster. This diet will help you be naturally healthier and leaner. I highly recommend this book for everyone."--

--"Quantum Paleo taught me about a way to wellness I had never quite understood before. Willen writes with clarity and humor. I was inspired by his personal stories about his journey to health and am incorporating elements I have learned into my life. Read this book--a new road to feeling better may just open up to you." --

--"I truly enjoyed Doug's book! I found his style very straightforward and inspiring. I also appreciated how he shared his own life journey by weaving his experiences through a thoughtful guide on eating paleo and being healthy. His posting of the question "what are you fighting for" really put in perspective not only my diet/fitness goals but all of my personal/professional ones as well. Those simple words have saved me on many trips past the kitchen and to the gym. I recommend Doug's book 100% for anyone looking for that extra push and to get back onto the right track. Let Doug be your guide, it has worked for me!"--