Mission of Animal Cracker:

Animal Cracker, Inc is committed to bring chiropractic and bodywork to medically challenged animals in need.


To support this work with animals at farms, rescue facilities, shelters and animal sanctuaries.


To provide education to the public about chiropractic work for animals and increase knowledge about this practice by filming the process.


Creating a film archive of the work to use for educational purposes and expose the public to this mission.

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Dr. Doug Willen

Dr. Doug is a AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor. He works as a volunteer with animals in need at rescue farms, animal shelters and sanctuaries.

We humbly ask for support with the Animal Cracker project. As little as $5 per month will allow Dr. Doug Willen to continue to create content sharing his behind the scenes work on his YouTube Channel: Animal Cracker.


Watch "Animal Cracker" Videos: