What We do!


I'm Dr. Doug Willen, Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist, serving the NYC Entertainment Industry and stressed out New Yorkers for 21 years. 

We utilize a blend of many chiropractic techniques; incorporating high tech adjusting instruments (gentle chiropractic) and the original hands-on intuitive Chiropractic Method.

We have two amazing Massage Therapists, Josh and Igor, that are trained in Sports/Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release and deliver the type of massage that improves function and gets fast results!


Two Types of Chiropractor Care

Gentle Chiropractic Technique 

is demonstrated on the woman in the gray shirt. *Please notice there is no popping, cracking or twisting. Highly technical, and extremely effective.

Classic Chiropractic Technique is demonstrated on the man in the blue shirt! This video demonstrates a hybrid of many techniques. Most of our patients will get a blend of "whatever gets the job done".


Meet The Team


Dr. Doug Willen

Born in NYC, I've been a chiropractor for 21 years. I pursued acting, dance, stand-up comedy, improv, and tv/film in my 20's. I have written 4 screenplays (two have been optioned) and an award winning web series. 

I wrote a book on the  Paleo Diet, called "Quantum Paleo" (Amazon). And have custom formulated nutritional supplements for longevity and hormone balance, www.littletreenutritionals.com

 I have two adult children and when I'm not working on my Instagram and YouTube Channels, I am pursuing a new degree in Animal Chiropractic.

Rena Polanco 
Office Manager

Working at Dr. Doug's office has been a crazy fun ride. We get to see so many people from every walk of life. Being from the Bronx, I'm used to New York City and all it's diversity and we certainly get that here at the office.

As a mom of two kids, I'm used to multi-tasking at a 100 mph.

I'm a 100% bilingual (English/Spanish) so if you ever need to converse in Spanish please don't hesitate.

I start my Nursing Degree Program in the fall of 2019.


Josh Rubin

Massage Therapist

Josh has lived a few lives along the path that bought him to his current career as one of the most sought after massage therapists in the NYC ballet and dance community.

He has a stint as a Location Scout on feature films, and then attended the French Culinary Institute and pursued the life of a NYC chef for a bunch of stressful years. 

Josh and his wife Deb have been friends with Dr. Doug for almost a decade. 


Igor Bilonozhenko

Massage Therapist

Born in the Ukraine and residing in NYC for over a decade. Igor has committed himself to a life as a wholistic practitioner. 

After completing his massage degree 5 years ago, he turned his sights on an Acupuncture license. He is about a year away from reaching that milestone. 

Igor specializes in every deep tissue technique under the sun. 


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