Systemic Formulas: Fpms


Systemic Formulas: Fpms


Normalize Your Menstrual Cycle

60 capsules

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Do You Suffer From PMS?

Fpms supports the entire female hormonal endocrine system including the thyroid by providing nutritional factors that aid in providing normal menstrual cycles as well as alleviating excessive bleeding, hot flashes, mood swings and accompanying dysmenorrheal cramps.


Perfect for those who experience monthly:

  • Bloating, Weight Gain
  • Fatigue and Lack of Energy
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Breast Swelling and Tenderness
  • Food cravings
  • Sleeping too much or too Little
  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • and/or Mood Swings
Fpms can help re-establish a 28 day cycle by using it 14 days on and 14 days off. Or use it during the days before your cycle when you normally have cramps and mood swings. Discover the dose that works best for you. Take it at bedtime if you can.