Skin Tags: an eBook by Dr. Doug Willen


Skin Tags: an eBook by Dr. Doug Willen

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Comprehensive Questions and Answers for Everything You Need to Know About Skin Tags and their Care and Treatment Options.
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Do you have a Skin Tag that you are DYING to get rid?

Want to try a natural, quick home remedy, but don't know how?

Inspired by demand and feedback from his most popular YouTube Videos (over 4 million views), Dr. Doug Willen has compiled everything he thinks you need to know about skin tags into one comprehensive 16 page eBook: Questions and Answers, at-home remedies, and links to his videos are all included!

Who Should Buy This?

  • Patients who have consulted with their doctor and know their skin tag is harmless.
  • Patients who are ready to get rid of their skin tag quickly and from home, but simply don't know how.
  • Patients who have their first skin tag and need more information about what they are experiencing.
  • Patients who have chronic skin tags and would like to learn more about their condition.

What Will You Learn?

  • Facts and answers that will ease your mind about skin tags and their symptoms, treatment and affect on your life.
  • At Home Remedies by Dr. Doug Willen known for treating and HEALING skin tags quickly and without pain.